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How to Repair Common Drywall Issues

We all know how important it is patch and prep walls before painting to get the desired results with the finished product. Watch this video for ways to repair four common drywall issues on the job, from nail pops to cracks to larger holes.

Green or Yellow: Which FrogTape® to Choose

When it comes to FrogTape, you have Green or you have Yellow. Both are great tapes. But what’s the difference? Find out the basics and benefits of each, and what types of surfaces they’re best suited for.

How to Prep Your Jobsite & Protect Your Reputation

Most jobs are 90% prep and 10% painting. And your customers rely on you to protect their home and property while you work. Your reputation depends on it. Learn best practices for what to move, what to cover, what to mask, and how to do it all efficiently when prepping to paint.